You will receive long-term, high performance access to MYOB Software without having to ever buy, maintain or replace an expensive server/computer. Just login and exploit.

Suitable for existing MYOB users looking to reduce their capital investment in IT infrastructure and maintain their existing MYOB Company Data Files in an affordable, fast and reliable system for access.

MYOB Cloud Hosting is an online form of computing where users can access MYOB software via internet, while the MYOB software is installed and stored (as well as the data) on a secure remote dedicated server. This is a whole new form of computing and is allowing MYOB users from all around the world to access MYOB software something without having to install anything on their own computers.

It helps keep the cost down for the MYOB users. They can access it from any computer and still have the file they need. They just rent the server space and the user access.

It takes away the need for the upgrading computer memory, which also helps keep the cost down for the companies and users alike.

It has more flexibility than other network computing systems and saves time plus money for people who are in a time crunch.

MYOB Cloud Hosting allows users to connect even without their own computers, meaning you can do your work from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection and a computer access. So you can take your work with you on your wedding and vacations.

The users do not need to download anything, so that saves time and hard drive space for users. They can just log onto the network and work.

More benefits are the fact that it helps companies keep their MYOB files safe on their remote dedicated server and less likely to be lost or stolen on a hard drive.

So there are plenty of benefits working with MYOB Cloud Hosting, and many out weigh the reasons why not to use SBSCC - MYOB Cloud Hosting.


MYOB Cloud Hosting has five main benefits. In very brief summary form they are as follows:

  • Reduced Cost
    SBSCC - MYOB Cloud Hosting technology is paid incrementally, saving organizations money. 
  • Highly Automated
    No longer do IT personnel need to worry about keeping software and server up to date.
  • Flexibility 
    SBSCC - MYOB Cloud Hosting
     offers much more flexibility than past computing methods. 
  • More Mobility
    Employees can access information wherever they are, rather than having to remain at their desks.
  • Allows IT to Shift Focus
    No longer having to worry about constant software updates and other computing issues, your organization will be free to concentrate on innovation.

What are the other benefits of MYOB Cloud Hosting?


Cost Effective:

· Pay a low subscription fee to access MYOB Premier Software located in a secure data centre.

·  No capital investment needed in traditional server hardware and related Microsoft licenses. 

·   Support is provided for server-based functionality like printing and gaining access. 



· Just login and exploit. 

· No local server means, no more computer hassles, failures or expensive upgrades as well as lower office power bills. 

· Use all your existing PCs as XP, Vista and Win7/8 is compatible.  

· Simple yet secure access to MYOB Premier Software from multiple office locations. 



· MYOB Cloud Hosting uses Windows as its platform and so MYOB Premier Software will operate as normal. 

· Simple yet secure access to MYOB Premier from multiple locations. 


Reliable and Secure:


· Backup your Data Files through FTP to your local computer.

· Server protection from fire, flood, theft and power surges/outages as located in a secure data centre. 


Who would the MYOB Cloud Hosting Suit?


Companies using MYOB Premier software and looking for a cost effective, hassle free way of centralizing their Accounting system allowing access from multiple stores, a head office and their accountants.  




Our cloud dedicated servers operate on a very solid infrastructure consisting of Enterprise Class fast SAS disks, SSD for caching, Redundant Network, Encrypts end-to-end communications using FIPS standard and we manage our servers with TSspeedbooster cloud server technology software. Your data is backed up every day on a separate backup server using CDP backup technology.  


To provide you with the fastest access time, reliability and disaster recovery all of our servers are housed at intermediary data center in Denver. 


Getting Started

All you need is a broadband internet connection and a computer to log in and start using MYOB Premier Accounting Software from your store, office, home and laptops. 

There are three MYOB cloud options to select from:

(1). MYOB Premier Cloud

MYOB Cloud Service is where you will have the opportunity to access the allocated non-exclusive MYOB Company File(s) and use it for your business function as long as you subscribe our MYOB Cloud Service Plan. We provide MYOB Premier software as a service (SaaS)

(2). MYOB Cloud Hosting

MYOB Cloud Hosting is used only for hosting of MYOB Premier Software. You must have your own MYOB Software license for your hosting databases.

(3). SBSCC Cloud Server

You can have your own private cloud server with Windows 2008 R2 installed. You only need to subscribe our server plan and the user access. You can install any licensed windows applications and manage your cloud server.



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